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Specialized in religious art

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Snackers Antiques & Fine Art

I'm Vincent Snackers. Since a young age I’ve been very interested in the Catholic Church and all rituals involved . Palaces and museums also fascinated me. Due to my large collection I started my shop in 2020. In addition I continue to look for items for my private collection, as a beautiful 18th Century cabinet or some empire candle sticks never get boring.   

I always research the background of items when I don’t know their origin, as every antique item has a story . 

You will find us at sint Pieterstraat 21-A in Maastricht.

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Vincent Snackers


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Liturgical Tableware



Religious antiques








A small selection from our collection.

Chalice 19th century, neo-gothic, silver
Chalice 19th century Neogoth ...
Liturgical tableware
Ciborie Bruges, 19th century, J V Damme, neo-Gothic
Ciborie silver plated Neogoti ...
Liturgical tableware
Chalice, 19th century, silver cuppa
Chalice with silver cuppa, gold-plated
Liturgical tableware
Chalice silver, France, 19th century
Full silver chalice, 19th century
Liturgical tableware

Snackers Antiques &
Fine Art.

About us

We specialize in religious art, but we also sell furniture and other antiques and collectible objects.

Our shop is located in south Limburg ( Maastricht ) where the Catholic faith is still alive and a lot of religious art can be seen. 

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